Restoring Your Senses:

Smelling: No artificial or synthetic smells here. All that is in the air for your sense of smell at Vetiver is pure, organic essential oils! These days its hard to get away from toxic fake smells with companies letting you know what "fresh cut grass" smells like in your bathroom, or what a "mountain stream" can smell like in your dryer. We are proud to be one of the very few environments where you will never experience a toxic smell. When you step into Vetiver take a long deep breath, you are smelling pure and beneficial essential oils. We are a clean air salon, and thats not easy to find, so enjoy the smells while you receive your great services!

Tasting:  When you drink a glass of water, or sip on some of our warm teas, know that you will not taste (or be affected by) any harmful chemicals hidden in the water. All of our water is ultra purified, and that truly makes a difference in the end taste, as well as how your body processes the liquids. Every so often, if your timing is right, we will have some of our organic hand made goat milk caramels around for you to taste!

Touching: Who doesn't want soft skin and silky hair? We certainly do, which is why we seek out not just organic products, but organic products that have to live up to our high standards of performance.  Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Take a moment to notice all of the different products you apply on yourself daily and be aware that there are some very toxic ingredients being absorbed over a period of years. You deserve to have healthy and clean alternatives to your personal beauty products, products that leave your hair and skin feeling smooth, soft and luscious.

Seeing: We love all things artistic and unique, and we designed Vetiver to give your eyes plenty to land on. You may check out the latest in rotational fine art on our clay walls, or maybe you decide to open up one of the many doors in the antique post box to see what new piece of handmade jewelry or nick-nack is waiting to be seen.  

Hearing: We work best surrounded by good sounds and music. We believe you will find our approach towards music and sound creates better results for you. We are not as creative and focused if we (too) are lulled into deep relaxation by quite, sleepy spa music.  So even though we use the word "spa" in our name, you won't hear your typical spa music here.

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