Our Space

When we decided to open Vetiver Organic Hair Spa, we established that the key pieces to creating the environment would be a non-toxic build out, use of sustainable materials and products, maximum comfort in the shampooing experience and a creative decor. 

Here are some features of our space:

  • Yume' shampoo loungers - ergonomic, padded neck rest and head pillows allowing for THE most comfortable shampoo available
  • Ceilume sustainable ceiling tiles - Greengaurd certified, 60% recycled materials, 40% of that is post consumer recycled water bottles 
  • Paperstone counters - made from 100% post consumer recycled paper
  • American Clay walls - emit beneficial negative ions and regulate humidity 
  • Custom Pure water treatment - for all water, even the shampooing
  • VOC-free paints/mineral paints - no off-gassing from our beautiful looking walls or painted surfaces 
  • Sustainably harvested bamboo plywood - used throughout the salon; contains no toxic glues or formaldehyde 
  • 100% tung oil finished wood - no VOCs
  • Salvaged and repurposed antique fixtures and furnishings
  • Hygienic, compostable eco-friendly 100% paper pulp salon towels - 60% more absorbent than cotton; contains no pesticides 
  • 100% post consumer recycled paper used for all business marketing materials
  • No washing machine or tumble dryer - No water, laundry detergents or electricity used to maintain fresh towels
  • Marmoleum flooring - no formaldehyde or toxic glues; biodegradable
  • Rotating art work shows from local rising artists
  • Reclaimed denim insulation - used blue jeans help reduce spa noise
  • Electricity supported by purchasing credits from wind generated means 
  • Certified organic products, NO greenwashed products used EVER
  • No petroleum ingredients in the products we sell
  • No parabens or harmfull synthetic preservatives
  • No synthetic fragrance or artificial smells
  • Fantastic music - not typical spa sounds
  • Our own customized hand-blended treatment recipes
  • Hand-blended organic teas
  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies and soaps - biodegradable, free of synthetics

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