Lather Lounge

Our shampoo area (AKA the Lather Lounge) is a unique and special part of our salon. We have 2 Yume' shampoo lounges! These amazing shampoo loungers allow for your body to be fully reclined, while your head is completely supported upon a double hinged, softly padded neck rest and head pillows. This fully adjustable and padded neck/ head support system allows for comfort that you won't believe until you have experienced it. The comfort and support of the neck/ head has been compared to us as weightless and to floating. These are truly amazing, and if you have ever experienced a sore neck from a salon shampoo, we invite you in for a shampoo/ scalp massage in the most comfortable system available. 

Our Yume's match the earliest of our vision for our hair spa, "to find THE most supportive and comfortable shampoo chair/ bowl system". We searched for many months and laid our necks back in many shampoo bowls, searching for THE most comfortable shampooing system. We are thrilled to have found the best possible system, and to have made them available at our spa.

These amazing loungers are exclusive in the North West to Vetiver Organic Hair Spa, and in the United States there are only a handful of these unique shampoo loungers around. We believe you will agree that we have found for our shampoo/scalp massages, THE most comfortable and relaxing chairs/ bowl available.

Organic products are always used for your shampoo and/or treatment. All the water that is used to wet and rinse your hair is purified through ion exchange, removing any unwanted impurities that would be absorbed by your hair.

To increase your enjoyment, we have extended scalp massages available, as well as the addition of warm blankets, hot rocks, essential oils and sound therapy performed with ancient Nepalese singing bowls.

Enjoy the deepest of added relaxation during your time in our loungers, you deserve it!
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