Truly Organic

Our Organic roots show through, from the products we use, the conversations we have, to the services we perform. A truly organic model is what you will experience here.

We choose to conduct our business organically because of the healthy benefits and positive ripple effects that are achieved by supporting the organic model. Supporting the organic model is good for the planet, the soil, the water, the air we breath, as well as, the health of ourselves and our animals. We bring the organic model deep within our salon and working environment because we believe that there are healthy alternatives to traditional professional salon products and services.

We believe that plastics, synthetics, artificial fragrance, petrochemicals, known and suspected carcinogenic ingredients do not ever belong in what is applied to your hair or upon your skin. We continuously seek out and research existing and upcoming organic beauty companies to find any possible greenwashing offenders. We will update our products and services accordingly, as better and more sustainable companies come along.

We believe that there is hope for the future of more positive and sustainable choices in our industry. It is our hope to encourage positive change in the beauty industry and educate consumers about healthy choices. 

Know to say NO to GMO's

We are truly organic, and it shows. From our roots to the ends of your hair.

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