There are more and more salons that claim to be organic while still using and supporting one of the many greenwashed product lines. We do not believe that this practice makes a salon organic. We think that it is important for consumers, and more importantly, for salon owners, to question what is the truth behind the organic label found upon the hair and skin care products that line the shelves and that are then sold to consumers. Does the so called organic product (or salon) contain any petroleum, synthetic fragrance, synthetic preservative?

We believe that the truly organic product does not ever contain petrochemicals (including polymers), artificial, synthetic, or even "natural" fragrance, GMO's, parabens (or any alternative synthetic preservative).

We are very aware that the majority of "organic" labeled products are from companies that "greenwash" their product labels, meaning that the products label may claim natural or organic, yet contains only a few organic ingredients within the package, while using synthetic versions of the beneficial ingredients.

The greenwashed products use inexpensive substitute ingredients, especially "natural" fragrance, that do not offer the true benefits that are claimed. We believe that these greenwashed products do more damage than good, allowing business practices that attempt to manipulate the consumer while using questionable ingredients that may worsen the condition of the hair, skin and eco-system.

"Organic" is a term that is being used to lightly within the beauty and skin care industry. Even now, there are still no regulated standards set within the beauty industry towards the use of the word organic. 

Consumers need to know if the so-called organic products contain synthetic fragrance, parabens (or an alternative synthetic preservative), petroleum products (including soft plastics for styling hold) or GMO's, if the products do contain any of the afore mentioned ingredients, then we believe it is disingenuous to claim the product organic. 

It is up to us consumers to closely read the product ingredient labels, to choose wisely, and to demand truth in labeling.

We do not support companies who participate in greenwashing and we meticulously evaluate product ingredients, making sure they meet our standards for excellence in safety, environmental impact, sourcing and results. 

No tricky "greenwashing" here. Ever.

The consumers voice and demands can and will bring about positive changes!

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