Vetiver Team

Kristina: Proprietress

  • Began her career as a hair designer in 1987
  • Advanced training in hair coloring techniques
  • Design approach taken based on clients needs and style
  • Has been using ammonia-free hair color since 2009
  • Exposed to herbs and "home" remedies since childhood
  • Has been using essential oils in her practice since 2003
  • Has benefited from and enjoyed eating organic foods since 2003
  • Is the team captain for label reading and deciphering ingredients
  • Cares till it hurts for: truth in labeling, all cats, gardening, antiquing, and hula-hooping

Richard: Proprietor

  • Began his career as a hair designer in 1985
  • Advanced training in cutting based on the geometry of the head shape
  • Creates designed haircuts based on facial shape and the growth pattern
  • Working to perfect the scalp massage 1991 to present, getting close...
  • Has used products that only fragrance with essential oils since 1992
  • Started shopping for organic food and products at local co-op 1990
  • Cares deeply for: importance of organic/ non-toxic living, great food, art, foraging and collecting vinyl albums  
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