At Vetiver, we like to be enveloped in the arts. We support local rising artists by hanging and rotating fresh art every month or two. This practice not only keeps our walls changing and fresh, but allows our clients to view new art while joining us for regular visits.

We encourage our clients to open up and look within our beautiful antique post office box, this too is a display of art, antiques and oddities


Featured artists for October 2014 thru November 2014:

  Walls- Monika Dalkin: Monika is one of those wonderful artists that are able to create in many mediums. For this showing of Monika s art we are hanging paintings, etchings, prints, and a bit of ceramics! Her paintings are vivid and her prints are deep and muted, this work is to be viewed up close yet also "pops" from a distance. Monika s images are whimsical and thought provoking and her style is hard to define. This art is perfect for this time of year and has "brightened" up the salon. 


  Post Box- Linda Fernyhough: Linda is owner and head designer of Nature's Elements, an independent artsy business that specializes in jewelry made from earths precious stones and sterling silver. This wearable art is designed for the lover of all things natural and beautiful!  It has been many years since we have been graced with a show of Linda s creativity, and we are very happy to have her works adorn our salon! Come view, try on, and get some of this amazing art while it is still around!

Most all of the artworks, antiques and oddities are available for purchase, just ask about what you are interested in, and we will let you know about the piece, and what it is selling for.

Note to Artist: Vetiver is taking application and looking at portfolios for future upcoming art installations, if you are an artist looking to show your work, drop us an email and we can discuss available open times!

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