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We have developed our specific spa product standards based on our extensive experience in the hair industry, combined with our support of clean, organic choices. We have worked with many professional hair product lines in the past that contain ingredients not acceptable to our curent ingredient standards. There is a small (yet growing) number of hair care lines that do meet our standards. As new product lines are released, we will test them against our rigorous quality and performance metrics. 

We are confident that what we offer at Vetiver is the best of what is available. We are not interested in offering multiple product lines—that becomes confusing and unnecessary. We are only interested in offering the best products we can find. Maintaining beautiful hair is simple, it does not require layers of hair product, synthetic smells and plastics. Rather it requires feeding your hair, scalp and body with highly beneficial ingredients.

Custom Blended organic oil and herbal infusions: Better ingredients=Better results. We have been going back to "old school" grandma recipes, with simpler formulas for healthy hair and skin. We prepare just a small batch at a time, and we custom blend oils and conditioners for your specific hair needs. Whether your hair is dry or your scalp feels oily, we can come up with just the right blend to keep your locks looking luscious, and your scalp producing healthy hairs.

John Masters Organic: This is our retail product line of choice, and we carry the hair care and skin care line. We have been thrilled to find and work with a company that has followed true to our organic standards- using clean, petroleum free ingredients, never any synthetic fragrance and working hard to expand on the healthy alternative products available.

Hair Coloring: As artists who enjoy the art of coloring hair, and achieving beautiful results, it is important to us to have products that perform well. At this time we have not been able to find a professional permanent hair color line that is completely petroleum free. Fortunately the line we have chosen to use, Organic Color Systems, is free of ammonia and resorcinol and has the lowest PPD's available in a professional permanent hair color. Organic Color Systems is a innovative company, offering a hair coloring product that achieves beautiful results while leaving the hair in excellent condition. Please note: We do not use or support Organic Color Systems shampoo, conditioners, or styling products as the products contain synthetic fragrances, which in turn does not align with our standards.

We feel certain that there will be more improvements and developments within the permanent hair color industry to come, hopefully offering a permanent color free of the remaining petrochemicals. If you have the need or desire to enhance the color of your hair, we feel that this is the best product available as of now. 

Hand soaps and cleaning products: For our offered hand soaps, we use Pangea Organics, we love their commitment to organic purity. For our cleaning products we use good old fashioned elbow grease along with our beneficial essential oil blends, hydrosols and vinegars. We never use any synthetic or toxic chemicals used within the salon space.

Pitt Putty: USDA certified organic deodorant for under your arms!! Made by Bubble and Bee, this product has just the simplest, "cleanest" ingredients with NO propylene glycol and NO synthetic chemicals AND it works!! We are proud to offer this clean alternative to our clients and our community!

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